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Documentation Centre Amedeo Modigliani
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To clarify... Amedeo Modigliani: Italian or not?

In 2008 Gregory Rossi did find a plane ticket to Italy at Moscow airport for Vladimir Goriainov, one of the directors of the Pushkin Museum.

He wanted to meet personally with a famous art historian of one of the largest museums in the world to discuss the thesis of the purely Italian artistic training of Amedeo Modigliani.

This trip and this meeting had as outcome the introduction to the book "Modigliani, the artiste anglais", that Goriainov wrote.

Here are some excerpts from this text:

in many amateurs of Art, especially to those who do not live in Italy or France, both the person and the work of Amedeo Modigliani can appear very mysterious... The mystery surrounding the figure Modigliani is still dictated also by a demand seemingly minor but very important: was really an Italian painter? Of course he was born in Italy, and is no doubt that he learned to paint by Italian artists in Livorno, Florence, Venice. In Italy he studied with enthusiasm the works of the masters of the color of Siena...

In essence, his works are the answer to a basic question: can exist in our time a figurative art that present formal characteristics reminiscent of an historical legacy?
Modigliani responded affirmatively to this question, because it has made the central and essential in his painting and in its design not the depiction of some subject, but primarily the exploration of an ideal model of the form, be it plastic or linear, for which the fine details, the problems of the similarity to the nature or characteristics of the physical environment are relegated to the background...

and coming back to the question: amedeo modigliani is an italian painter? Obviously we can answer: a person who includes the power of magic form in painting, yes, this is an italian painter

Vladimir Goriainov, as others not our compatriots, always refers to foreigners Art connoisseurs; apparently in the belief that in Italy everything is clear and defined.

Well, if a clarity and definition must be, we hope to come from this Documentation Centre, because for Italian Art connoisseurs seem to like it more Modi than Dedo.